Gear and Equipment

Equipment & trade goods of Alera Nova

Money and Coinage

Approximately 20 years after the Vord War, First Lord Gaius Tavarus Magnus changed the currency of Alera. Instead of the old currency based on gold crowns, silver bulls, copper rams, and other coinage based on different precious metals, it was changed to be based solely on a monetary-grade minting of gold and silver called electrum. This was done due to the massive loss of precious metals following the Vord War. In order to prevent counterfeit minting, it is created with certain difficult to replicate Furycraft techniques that enable it to be traced to its city, and in fact its minting house and even year of origin. When it is destroyed, the Furies within it return to the creator, enabling an accurate count of all coins in circulation to be maintained at all times. Its value uses the following formula:

Name Abbreviation Relative Value
Solidus So 1
Denarius De 100
Sestertius Se 10,000
Quadrans Qu 1,000,000
Aureus Au 100,000,000

Aleran lifestyles and trade goods

Trade Goods

The trade goods of Alera change in value widely throughout the Empire. The following table gives general guidelines for how value changes between cities, by giving the average value of a good where it is primarily produced and the highest average value in the cities where it is scarcest. Those cities not mentioned fall somewhere on the range of values given – cities closer to the place it is produced tend to be cheaper, while those closer to where it is sold tend to be more expensive. Storyteller discretion obviously factors heavily into this, as well.

Name Unit of Sale Min. Cost Produced in Max. Cost Sold in
Grain/Bread 10 bags 1 Se Tiberia 10 Se Phrygia
Meat 100 lbs. 1 Se Antillus 10 Se Riva
Milk/Cheese 1 Wh. 10 De Appia 1 Se Shuar’a
Fish 100 lbs 1 Se Parcia 10 Se Shuar’a
Wool/Cotton 1 bale 10 De Tiberius 1 Se Aquitaine
Cloth 1 bolt 10 Se Aquitaine 1 Se Parcia
Furs/Leather 1 bale 1 Se Shuar’a 10 Se Tiberius
Ice 1 ton 50 So Phrygia 1 Se Tiberius
Stone 1 ton 10 De Aquitaine 1 Se Appia
Iron 1 ingot 1 De Shuar’a 10 De Narash’a
Wood 100 bd. ft. (1 log) 1 De Narash’a 10 De Antillus
Weapons Case of 50 10 Se Antlllus 1 Qu Parcia
Luxury Goods varies 10 Se Appia 1 Qu Aquitaine
Furycrafted Goods varies 10 Se Riva 1 Qu Appia


Despite the previous section, the average Aleran does not purchase 1 ton of stone nor 100 lbs of fish, nor deal in anything remotely that valuable most times. Instead, they live certain lifestyles that have a defined, regular cost. These costs include things like clothes, jewelery, food, lodging and other general costs related to living, but exclude things like weapons or equipment that are not generally part of how a person lives but instead of how they earn the money to live. These lifestyles are sometimes justified by a character having certain Skills; when it applies, it is covered within the description of that particular Skill.

Name Monthly cost Wealth Rating Description
Street Rat 30 So 0 A squatter’s place in the city with just enough food to live by
Holder 50 So 1+ A basic apartment or small place in a steadholt, basic food and clothing
Freeman 1 De 2 A nice if small home, nice clothes, food and some basic luxuries
Citizen 5 De 3 A small villa or large place within your own small steadholt, food, nice clothes, 5-10 servants and a few luxuries
Noble 10 De 5 A moderate villa or well-appointed steadholt with with 10-30 servants, nice food with a few imported items, noteworthy luxuries and fine clothes
Luxury 1 Se 10 A large villa in a capital city with many (20-50) servants, fine imported goods, food, and clothes, conspicuous luxuries and contacts to make a basic lifestyle available almost anywhere in the Empire
Lordly 50 Se 20++ A huge villa in a capital city with a sizeable staff (about 50) of servants, the finest foods, clothes, goods and furycrafted luxuries available from all over the Realm, and staffed (10-20 staff each) satellite villas in every other capital city in the Empire
Kingly 5 Qu 50++ The Royal lifestyle: nearly everything you want, whenever you want it, and your needs attended every day by an almost endless parade of servants

+ Note: Having 1 point of effective Wealth, such as through the Self-Reliance Skill, suffices to justify this lifestyle as well.

++ Note: PCs are almost never expected to attain these lifestyles, and in fact 50 xp spent on a Kingly lifestyle is a rather questionable expenditure of experience. Even actual Kings almost always acquire this lifestyle through attaining a given position rather than accumulating personal wealth, and these are included mainly as reference points for designing NPCs.

Translating Wealth into spendable money.

The Wealth trait measures income in the abstract. In order to turn this general value into an amount that is more concrete, do the following:

  • 1) Find the lifestyle in the previous section that corresponds with the level of Wealth that you possess.
  • 2) Divide the monthly cost by two. That is the amount you can expect to have in spendable coin at any given time.
  • 3) If you still need/want more, roll your Wealth as a dice pool. For every hit you receive, add 10% to the amount given by #2.

When buying gear, it is generally assumed that you acquired said gear over an indeterminate-but-lengthy span of time. As such, you can generally assume that you can afford anything which is rated at or below your Wealth.

Arms & Armor

The arms and armor of Alera are diverse, and have a number of defining traits. In addition to cost, different arms have different equipment bonuses, do different amounts of Damage per hit, and have different Attributes linked to them. Armors, on the other hand, offer differing degrees of protection and penalize the wearer’s running speed to different degrees. These are all described below.


The list below isn’t exhaustive, but it should be enough to get you started. Certain weapons, especially those belonging especially to the Canim – bloodsteel blades and balests, for instance – are omitted, but I’ll probably include them at some later date.

Name Price Req. Skill Damage Req. Mod. Opt. Mod. Special Action
Blackjack 5 So / 0 LW or SF 0 Light Staggering, Surprising none
Hammer 20 So / 1 SF 2 Fierce Staggering, Penetrating Sunder
Great Maul 50 So / 2 SF, HW 5 Fierce, Heavy Staggering, Penetrating Sunder
Quarterstaff none / 0 LW or SF 2 Light Defensive, Reach Nudge
Spear 15 So / 1 SF 3 None Defensive, Reach Brace
Pike 20 So / 1 SF, HW 5 Heavy Defensive, Reach Brace
Pilum 8 So / 1 SF 3 None Defensive, Thrown Brace
Dagger 10 So / 1 LW or SF 1 Disciplined, Light Hidden, Surprising none
Gladius 20 So / 1 SF 2 Disciplined Defensive, Opportunity Chop
Dueling blade 40 So / 2 SF 3 Disciplined Defensive, Opportunity Riposte
Knight’s Blade 80 So / 2 SF, HW 5 Disciplined, Heavy Staggering, Penetrating Sunder
Hatchet 10 So / 1 LW or SF 2 Fierce, Light Wounding, Vicious Cleave
War Ax 20 So / 1 SF 3 Fierce Wounding, Vicious Cleave
Great Ax 50 So / 2 SF, HW 5 Fierce Staggering, Penetrating Sunder
Sling 5 So / 1 LW or Ar 1 Ranged, Light Improvised, Covering Aim
Short Bow 20 So / 1 Ar 2 Ranged Ammunition, Covering Aim
Long Bow 40 So / 2 Ar 3 Ranged Ammunition, Covering Aim
Great Bow 80 So / 2 Ar, HW 5 Ranged, Heavy Ammunition, Covering Aim
  • Name: The name of the weapon
  • Price: The basic cost of the weapon in monetary and Wealth terms. The number after the slash refers to the Wealth trait. The Price can vary wildly – by as much as 1000% – depending on where you are, so while the listed value is a good baseline, your GM has the final say.
  • Req. Skill: The name of the Skill required to use the weapon. SF is Swordfighting, HW is Heavy Weapons, LW is Light Weapons, and Ar is Archery. If multiple skills are listed, all of them are usually required, but some weapons may say [x] “or” [y], and in that case only one of those is necessary.
  • Damage: The number of damage the weapon inflicts with a successful attack, before adding any damage from additional hits made on the attack.
  • Req. Mod.: The modifier that is always added to attacks made with the weapon. This modifier can never be removed, and if its condition is not met then that weapon cannot be used to make that attack.
  • Opt. Mod.: A few Skills allow a character, when using a given weapon, the option of adding certain other modifiers to his/her attacks. These are the optional modifiers, and there are usually two per weapon. The first one listed is the “first optional” modifier described in the skill, and the second is also thus. These modifiers do not have to be added to attacks, but a character can choose to add them when building his/her actions at the start of combat or at other times.
  • Special Action: Every weapon also allows for a special action. This action often (but not always – see the individual action’s description for details) acts like and can be modified as though it were an Attack. It must be selected and built at the start of combat, like all other actions, to be available to a character during combat.


Name Price Skill Prot. Dur. Def. Mod. AKA
Winter Clothing 2 So / 0 Light 1 2 Elemental(cold) n/a
Flying Leathers 5 So / 1 Light 1 3 Elemental(wind) n/a
Lorica Auxilia 8 So / 1 Light 1 5 n/a Hard Leather Armor
Lorica Nautica 10 So / 1 Light 1 8 n/a Studded Leather Armor
Lorica Hamata 15 So / 1 Light 2 5 n/a Chain Shirt
Lorica Plumata 30 So / 2 Heavy 2 12 n/a Scale Mail
Lorica Segmentata 50 So / 2 Heavy 3 10 n/a Banded Mail, Lorica
Lorica Testudax 75 So / 3 Heavy 3 20 n/a Plate Mail
Lorica Canea 1 De / 3 Heavy 3 25 n/a Canim Bloodsteel Armor
  • Name: The name of the armor within the Legions.
  • Price: When purchased in bulk by Tribunes logistics, armor is often significantly cheaper than the listed price. The price given is for private persons who buy the listed armor from merchants and craftsmen who are not affiliated with the Legions. As with weapons, the number after the slash refers to the Wealth trait,
  • Skill:
  • Prot:
  • Dur:
  • Def. Mod.:
  • AKA:


Name Cost Type Protection Durability Def. Mod. AKA
Scutum Parciar 10 So / 1 Light 1 5 Simple Buckler
Scutum Tiberia 18 So / 1 Light 1 8 n/a Aspis, “Round” shield
Scutum Antillar 25 So / 2 Heavy 2 12 Covering Scutum, “Legion” shield
Scutum Phrygiar 35 So / 2 Heavy 2 18 Covering Tower Shield

Armors and shields are broken down into types. Light armor and light shields are relatively non-constricting, and do not impose a penalty on the wearer. Medium armors and Heavy shields impose a -1 dice penalty to all checks using Quickness or Perception while wearing them, as well as halving the movement rate of the wearer (min. of 5 ft walking speed, 20 ft. running speed). Heavy armors impose a -2 dice penalty to Quickness and/or Perception checks, and reduce movement to one quarter of the normal (min. of 5 ft walking and running speed).

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Gear and Equipment

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