Now is the moment that history begins…

Welcome to Alera Nova, the game that tells the story of the generation following the epic histories of the Codex Alera, a series of books by Jim Butcher.

On the following pages,you will find the settings, rules, and all other resources needed to tell stories in this world. The system has been ground-up designed by me, and is a work in progress. It is also not for profit, and intentionally open-source. If Mr. Butcher ever happens to read this, then if you feel this work damages yours in any way let me know and I’ll take it down. I’ll be sad, but I’ll do it.

Over at the Wiki, you’ll find the rules and setting for Alera Nova. Those pages will feature all the resources you need to make a character, tell a story, and bring the world of Alera Nova to life. The rules are meant to be accessible and straightforward, evocative of the Codex Alera from which they are derived, and to create a game that is fun to play. I hope I’ve succeeded in that.

The Adventure Log will really come into its own once playtesting is underway. I am going to use it as a constant log of playtesting games and changes proposed/made. The same goes for the Calendar, which will list upcoming playtesting events once I get to that stage. I’m not there yet.

Characters will list those who were developed for the playtest. Once playtesting is done these characters will likely be folded into the examples and text of the rules itself, to help immortalize the important contribution that my playtesters made to the game.

Explore the following pages for a glimpse at the growing world of Alera Nova. If anything I’ve written interests you, and you want to e-mail me to collaborate, feel free to do so.

Alera Nova